v1.1 - 3/21/2020

  • Note, nothing breaking has been changed. We have only added endpoints and response fields for additional functionality

Credentials API:

  • Added GET /health
  • Returns 200 OK with string Healthy if so.


  • Deprecated GET verifications/{verificationId}/verify endpoint. We now verify all verification responses when an individual accept a verification request.
  • Added DELETE /verifications/{verificaionId}
  • In the VerificationContract we added verificationRequestData and added verificationRequestUrl


  • Connectionless Issuance properties offerData and offerUrl have been added

Wallet API:

Added accept verifications endpoints

  • added PUT /api/{walletId}/verifications/{verificationId}/autoSelect
  • added PUT /api​/{walletId}​/verifications​/{verificationId}
  • This will allow any custodian wallet to accept verifications now.

Get a list of available credentials for a given verification:

  • added /api/{walletId}/verifications/{verificationId}/availableCredentials
  • Allows a custody wallet to find credentials that are valid

All APIs now have health check endpoints to verify that everything is up and running!

Developer Portal

We have added:

  • Connectionless credential and verification support
  • Connection profiles and Messaging
    Updated UIs:
  • Add Organization
  • View Invitations Panel
  • Create Invitations Panel
  • Credential Templates Page
  • Verification Templates Page
  • VC Auth Page

Digital Wallet

  • Messaging between connections
  • Connectionless Credentials and Verifications Support
  • VC Authentication Support