v1.2 - 4/13/2020

We've been hard at work (at home!) to bring you some new features and small changes with the Trinsic API. We've made the following changes:

Digital Wallet

We have added:

  • Cloud backup and restore feature (demo video)
  • Support for grouped attributes in verifications
  • Support for revocation registries
  • Connectionless credentials and verifications (blog post and demo video)
  • VC Auth Support

Developer Portal

We have added:

  • Support for revocation registries
  • Connectionless credential and verification support
  • Messaging between connections

API Changes

We have added new endpoints and deprecated some of the existing ones. The deprecated endpoints will continue to be supported in the next three months, but you should consider phasing them out.

Credentials API - no breaking changes

Added the ability to delete credential definitions

  • (New) DELETE /definitions/credentials/{credentialDefinitionId}
    Automatically verify a proof when an individual responds to one. The following endpoint it now deprecated. Its functionality is invoked automatically when a verification is received.
  • (Deprecated) GET /verifications /{verificationId}/verify
    • asdf

In an effort to remove low level library specific data models from the API definitions, we’re introducing endpoints that wrap this functionality in a more understandable model. This applies to verification definitions. Moving forward, we are naming them as verification policies.

  • (Deprecated) POST /definitions /verifications
  • (Deprecated) GET /definitions /verifications
  • (Deprecated) GET /definitions /verifications /{definitionId}
  • (Deprecated) DELETE /definitions /verifications /{verificationDefinitionId}
  • (New) POST /verificationPolicies
  • (New) GET /verificationPolicies
  • (New) GET /verificationPolicies /{policyId}
  • (New) DELETE /verificationPolicies /{policyId}
  • Credential records have timestamps - IssuedAtUtc

Wallet API

Accept verifications by using automatic selection or manually select from available credentials.

  • (New) PUT /api/{walletId}/verifications/{verificationId}/autoSelect
  • (New) PUT /api​/{walletId}​/verifications​/{verificationId}

Get a list of available credentials for a given verification (breaking change in the result object)

  • (New) GET /api/{walletId}/verifications/{verificationId}/availableCredentials - Allows a custody wallet to find credentials that are valid for submission
  • (New) GET /api/{walletId}/verification/{verificationId}

Ability to specify the “walletId” when creating new wallets

  • (Update) POST /api/wallets

All APIs now have health check endpoints to verify that everything is up and running!