v1.4 - 6/10/2020

Lots of updates to the Studio, APIs, Wallet, and open source codebases. Click on the link to view the details.


  • Create Verification Policies

    Make powerful verifications templates with verification policies. Just specify the credential to use, then which attributes from the credential to send. Find any credential your organization has created in the dropdown menu without needing to worry about the Schema ID.

    Creating a verification template has been one of the most complex interactions in SSI. We hope this makes Trinsic and SSI an even better tool for proving identity.

  • Talk directly with Trinsic support

    Aren't quite sure how to make a connection? Struggling to figure out what something means? We're online and ready to help. In the bottom right hand corner of the Studio you'll now see a cute little chat button.


  • Helpful error messages for the Credentials API

    We've added more descriptive error messages to let you know if your requests are not formatted correctly when you call the API.


  • Add a custom ledger

    This has been one of our most requested features in the Trinsic Wallet. You can now add any Hyperledger Indy based genesis transaction file to the wallet in the Select Network page and your wallet will connect to that ledger whenever you receive a credential or a verification request.

Open Source

  • NodeJS Issuer Example

    In our issuer-reference-app example on Github, we've given the code a complete overhaul to make it much easier to understand. If you want to issue credentials using Javascript, read through the code here to see how it can be done: