v1.5 - 12/13/2020


Welcome to Studio 2.0! 🎉🥳🎊

  • We have redesigned our Trinsic Studio to improve the user experience. Check out the new look!
  • We now use Intercom across our website, studio, and docs site. If you ever want to speak with a team member just click on the blue chat icon on the bottom left of your screen.

New Pricing Model

  • We stopped charging our customers based on DIDComm and moved to Credential Exchange or CredX. Credential exchange is when an organization issues or verifies a credential. It is “exchanged” when it goes from one party to another. For example, when an issuer sends a credential to a person’s wallet, or when someone verifies a credential from someone’s wallet.
  • Check out our pricing page for more details


Credentials API

  • Added Messaging endpoints
    • /messages
    • /messages/connection/{connectionId}
    • /messages/{messageId}

Provider API

  • Analytics endpoints
    • We added several endpoints to access your current accounts stats!
      • /analytics/cloudWallets
      • /analytics/usage/current
      • /analytics/usage
  • Other new endpoints
    • /networks
    • /regions
    • /health

Wallet API

  • Deprecated delete method on /api/wallets
    • You should now use /api/wallets/{walletId}

Trinsic Wallet

New in v3.2.0:

  • Data Residency - Your wallet's mediator service and cloud backup can now be hosted on one of 5 different continents
  • Support For Indicio Network
  • Much faster Push Notifications

Open Source

  • NodeJS Wallet Example

We have created a wallet-reference-app on GitHub. The app is built with NodeJS and React. It walks you through how to create, delete, and manage custodial wallets for your organization. Each wallet can accept connections and credentials as well as respond to verification requests.