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beginer question

Hi guys , Im evaluating trinsic , after testing platform have following questions:
After trinsic verified my mail I was able to login with my wallet and now I have a trinsic credential in my wallet:
Who issued that credential ? Can I use this credential for something else?
What is the "account id" ? is this unique ?
In my wallet (esatus) , there is no name for the credential ... just shows "default" , is it ok ?

About the wallet:
What hapens if I lose my wallet ? Can I recover my credentials ? Can I change wallet ?
Can I use any wallet for any ledger/propose ? --------------

About development:
what happens after I burn my 50 free transactions ?
What happens with credential templates created on trinsic ? can I use them outside trinsic ?

About credentials:
Can I track the issued credentials ? How can I see them?
Who can verify issued credentials from trinsic?
Can I browse the templates I created on the ledger ? (im trying on