How to add Network

I have tried to add a Network in the trinsic wallet with the genesis files of my own indy blockchain... but with no success. How can I add a Network to my trinsic wallet ?

How does Trinsic creates Agents ?

Hello All, Each user would need an agent to communicate to Indy/Other Aries Agents, Lets assume we on-board 1000 users, how would Trinsic create 1000 Aries Agents efficiently , Are there any documents to understand the same ? A follow up question would be would those 1000 Agents run on private hosted nodes rather than Trinsic hosted nodes ?

Accept Credential with Wallet API not working?

Hi there, I am trying to use the API reference tool to issue a credential to a Wallet API. What's wrong with this (I do everything on the API reference tool, not with code on my PC)? - I have Corp A and Corp B - I create a API Wallet for Corp B - Corp A creates a connection - Corp B accepts the connection in its wallet, creating a CorpB-connection ID - Corp A creates and offer the credential on the Corp A-connectionID, which I can see in the credential issued as that connection as "Offered" and with a specific credentialId - When I try to accept the credential from Corp B, using the same credentialId, I get the following message { "error":"Unhandled exception: Credential record not found" "errorType":"AriesFrameworkException" } Any clue? Thanks

Can't issue credentials over Trinsic-Studio GUI since Today

Connection stays in state = "Offered" Not possible to issue credential after webhook event new_connection isreceived (await _credentialsClient.CreateCredentialAsync) Also not possible is triggering that manually. Upload of Picture for organization does also not work (either on initial create nor on POST request in tenant api -> same for Brave & Chrome).

Create Credential Definition - 500 Internal Server Error

When creating credential definitions using the [`POST /definitions/credentials`]( endpoint, I am getting a `500 Internal Server Error` with the following body: ```json "error":"Unhandled exception: Ledger operation rejected" "errorType":"AriesFrameworkException" ``` Why is this happening?

Support for VC attachments via email

Hi Trinsic Team. I recently came across a request to support adding VC's as an attachment to an email. A concept like this was recently discussed in a Sovrin blogpost. Does the Trinsic solution support a similar use case (already now or in the future) ? Thanks

Has anybody considered forming a Trinsic User Group?

We are smarter than me. This community page is the simplest way for us to share knowledge, ideally/ultimately without bogging down Trinsic staff. But as a community we could get stronger more quickly with periodic full-duplex communications like a virtual User Group. Does such a group exist anywhere? if not, is there interest in starting one from here?

Which data(structure) is supported in a credential offer

Hi there, I want to use the Trinsic App (Android) as an edge client, while running my own ledger and aries agent for a demo. I managed to message and issue a very basic credential (only string values) to the Trinsic Wallet, but it fails if i try to issue a credential which contains an image (base64 encoded, mime-type: image/jpeg). I followed the notation of aries-rfcs-0036-issue-credential: ... { "@type": "", "attributes": [ { "name": "<attribute name>", "mime-type": "<type>", "value": "<value>" }, // more attributes ] } ... So i was wondering if images are even supported as of right now in the Trinsic App and if so how does the credential have to be structured in order to work.

How to Send a credential offer of the specified credential definition to the specified Wallet ID?

I can see the SDK to Send a credential offer of the specified credential definition to the specified connection.. But I am looking for sending the specified credential into wallet ID (Custodial) of another organization.

Why I don't see newly created Org's Issuer ID not showing on indy explorer (

Hi, 1, I have created a new organization named Airbus with issuer ID: 7RiJQfbTmSYvTEVpNBGFqV. But I can't see anything on ledger with this IssuerID. My understanding is, once an organization created successfully it's DID should be on the ledger (in my case Souvrin Staging). Or am I wrong? 2, The organization that I had created a week ago with issuer ID VJtwiD3VMaabUKT4kUwMge , seems like not showing recent transactions on ledger. It shows the transaction done on 2 days ago as latest.