How to add Network

I have tried to add a Network in the trinsic wallet with the genesis files of my own indy blockchain... but with no success. How can I add a Network to my trinsic wallet ?

How does Trinsic creates Agents ?

Hello All, Each user would need an agent to communicate to Indy/Other Aries Agents, Lets assume we on-board 1000 users, how would Trinsic create 1000 Aries Agents efficiently , Are there any documents to understand the same ? A follow up question would be would those 1000 Agents run on private hosted nodes rather than Trinsic hosted nodes ?

Support for VC attachments via email

Hi Trinsic Team. I recently came across a request to support adding VC's as an attachment to an email. A concept like this was recently discussed in a Sovrin blogpost. Does the Trinsic solution support a similar use case (already now or in the future) ? Thanks

Accept Credential with Wallet API not working?

Hi there, I am trying to use the API reference tool to issue a credential to a Wallet API. What's wrong with this (I do everything on the API reference tool, not with code on my PC)? - I have Corp A and Corp B - I create a API Wallet for Corp B - Corp A creates a connection - Corp B accepts the connection in its wallet, creating a CorpB-connection ID - Corp A creates and offer the credential on the Corp A-connectionID, which I can see in the credential issued as that connection as "Offered" and with a specific credentialId - When I try to accept the credential from Corp B, using the same credentialId, I get the following message { "error":"Unhandled exception: Credential record not found" "errorType":"AriesFrameworkException" } Any clue? Thanks

Can't issue credentials over Trinsic-Studio GUI since Today

Connection stays in state = "Offered" Not possible to issue credential after webhook event new_connection isreceived (await _credentialsClient.CreateCredentialAsync) Also not possible is triggering that manually. Upload of Picture for organization does also not work (either on initial create nor on POST request in tenant api -> same for Brave & Chrome).

Create Credential Definition - 500 Internal Server Error

When creating credential definitions using the [`POST /definitions/credentials`]( endpoint, I am getting a `500 Internal Server Error` with the following body: ```json "error":"Unhandled exception: Ledger operation rejected" "errorType":"AriesFrameworkException" ``` Why is this happening?

Cannot "present" proof_request with "non_revoked" field

Hi, I'm having trouble presenting attributes for proof requests on Trinsic if my proof requests include a "non_revoked" field. Context: I'm sending a proof requests via the latest version of ACA-Py using the "/present-proof/send-request" route, as per the Aries RFC 0037: Present Proof Protocol 1.0. I can view and present attributes for proof requests on Trinsic if they are send without a "non_revoked" field. However, when I add the "non_revoked" field, and click to "present" I am prompted by "Something went wrong" (after about 30 seconds). From what I've read, proof requests of this form (with a "non_revoked" field) are supported by Trinsic through Aries RFC 0037. Am I wrong? Or, alternatively, is there something I am missing about how to carry out these proof requests? Ultimately, I want to make sure that attributes from credentials that have been revoked cannot be used in presentations. Thanks!

Has anybody considered forming a Trinsic User Group?

We are smarter than me. This community page is the simplest way for us to share knowledge, ideally/ultimately without bogging down Trinsic staff. But as a community we could get stronger more quickly with periodic full-duplex communications like a virtual User Group. Does such a group exist anywhere? if not, is there interest in starting one from here?

How to Send a credential offer of the specified credential definition to the specified Wallet ID?

I can see the SDK to Send a credential offer of the specified credential definition to the specified connection.. But I am looking for sending the specified credential into wallet ID (Custodial) of another organization.

Which data(structure) is supported in a credential offer

Hi there, I want to use the Trinsic App (Android) as an edge client, while running my own ledger and aries agent for a demo. I managed to message and issue a very basic credential (only string values) to the Trinsic Wallet, but it fails if i try to issue a credential which contains an image (base64 encoded, mime-type: image/jpeg). I followed the notation of aries-rfcs-0036-issue-credential: ... { "@type": "", "attributes": [ { "name": "<attribute name>", "mime-type": "<type>", "value": "<value>" }, // more attributes ] } ... So i was wondering if images are even supported as of right now in the Trinsic App and if so how does the credential have to be structured in order to work.