Trinsic's APIs

As we have worked with the open source decentralized identity community over the last 2 years, the team at Trinsic developed API abstractions to make it easier to implement self-sovereign identity. We base our APIs on the Aries DotNet Framework.

We have created three different APIs to facilitate DID communication between many different forms of Aries agents.

Credentials API

The Credentials API is a Trinsic product that amounts to the easiest way to exchange credentials. It is authenticated to using the access token from a specific organization.

It has three primary functions:

  1. Credential exchange: issuance and verification
  2. Secure communication: connections and messaging
  3. Admin functions: credential templates, verification policies, etc.


Wallet API

The Wallet API is a Trinsic product that gives an organization the ability to act as a custodian of its users' wallets. It lets you create cloud agents that can hold credentials and respond to incoming messages like proof requests.


Provider API

The Provider API is a Trinsic product that gives you your own agency, enabling you to become an SSI provider to your stakeholders. It is authenticated to using a secret key accessible via the Trinsic Studio. Its primary functions are to create, delete, and manage organizations.


Service Clients (SDKs)

To provide easier access to our APIs, we have published service clients (SDKs) for you to use. Check them out here.


When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new version is released. You will only need to specify a version if you would like to test a newer version of the API without doing a full upgrade. See our API Changelog for a full list of breaking changes.


Trinsic uses RESTful HTTP response codes to indicate the result of each API request. Each endpoint has documented error codes if specific numbers mean something unique. In general 2xx indicates success, 4xx indicates an input error, and 5xx indicates an error on Trinsic's end. If a 5xx error occurs, please let us know and we'll fix it.