beginer question

Hi guys , Im evaluating trinsic , after testing platform have following questions: After trinsic verified my mail I was able to login with my wallet and now I have a trinsic credential in my wallet: Who issued that credential ? Can I use this credential for something else? What is the "account id" ? is this unique ? In my wallet (esatus) , there is no name for the credential ... just shows "default" , is it ok ? About the wallet: What hapens if I lose my wallet ? Can I recover my credentials ? Can I change wallet ? Can I use any wallet for any ledger/propose ? -------------- About development: what happens after I burn my 50 free transactions ? What happens with credential templates created on trinsic ? can I use them outside trinsic ? About credentials: Can I track the issued credentials ? How can I see them? Who can verify issued credentials from trinsic? Can I browse the templates I created on the ledger ? (im trying on Regards. Leandro

Issue with get started

I recently created an account to test Trinsic, and received an email that I was offered a Login Credential. The email said to accept the credential in my digital wallet. I was unable to accept the credential because it kept coming back with error "A2A Message Transmission Error"; uninstalling and reinstalling my Trinsic digital wallet didn't help. I emailed [email protected] but did not receive a response. What is my next step?

After accept the credential offer in aries framework based app, the offer state is not changed to issued in Trinsic Studio

Hi, I'm building wallet app based on Aries Framework JavaScript. After call acceptOffer method to accept credential offer that initiated from Trinsic Studio, the offer state becomes Requested instead of Issued. It works fine when accept from the Trinsic Wallet app. Can you help check if anything else is needed to make it work with Trinsic server? Thanks.

Maximum data length

What is the maximum data length that can be stored within a single attribute? Thinking about having combining multiple data fields into a single attribute (JSON encoded into text) in within a credential...... any reason why this is a bad idea or wont work?

Human readable attributes in multiple languages

Say we have an attribute "Name". That works OK with the user, and the code..... and in the wallet, we show this as "Name". All good so far. However if we have a French user, in order to make it present in the wallet app as "Nom", we need to change the attribute to "Nom". This causes problems as now the credential has to be defined by language..... Are there any solutions to this? Or are all implementations expected to be in a single human language? (Data incidentally is easy to solve, we can easily have French data) I guess, if we do our own wallet, we can easily localise Name > Nom in the UI at that point..... but it would be nice if we could do this in 3rd party wallets where we don't have control of the UI.

Predicates dont work while following tutorial

Hi everyone, Been following the Faber/Acme/Alice tutorial, all is working up until the point of trying to define a predicate to detect if Alice's GPA is more than 3. I create the Verification Template from the website ui, select my phone from the connections, I get the notification but if the Verification Template includes a predicate an error comes up saying "something went wrong while trying to display the proof reques". Even tried just asking if the GPA is greater than 3 , without anything else in the template to test it, and it still does not work. Tried establishing connection between ACME and Alice again but no luck. Tried without using the connections tab and just scanning the QR code but still no luck. Android application is updated.Is it a known issue? Thanks

Trinsic Studio -> aca-py connection

I can generate a connection invitation in Trinsic Studio, then get the invitation data and I can submit that to aca-py (0.7.0) /connections/receive-invitation. A connection record is created, and in Trinisic Studio, that connection is "Connected". However, on the aca-py side, it is still is "state": "request". I've also called /connections/{connectionid}/accept-invitation, but states on my side never change. Does Trinisic Studio not send a connection response? It seems like my side (aca-py) doesn't know that studio has completed the connection...

How can i use invitation url instead QR

Hi! I am trying Trinsic wallet iOS app on my device. How can I start invitation process by URL instead of scaning QR? My case: 1. I have my own authorization service (OIDC provider + Aries) 2. On device I have my own app with authorization in my athorization service and Trinsic Wallet app 3. I want to start authorize in my app, send authorization request to authorization service, it shows QR in device browser window, but i can't scan it by Trinsic wallet app on the same device. How can i use invitation url instead?

Connection ID doesn't match to the one on the organization dashboard of the Trinsic studio

Hello! We are developing our app using Trinsic API and have run into the following situation. So we created a connection with an organization using the Trinsic credentials api `createConnection` and the API key. It returns an `invitationUrl`, using this url we called the Trinsic wallet api `accepInvitation`. It was successful and I can see the wallet name on the organization’s dashboard of the Trinsic studio. To get the connectionId, we used the Trinsic wallet api `listConnections` but the returned connectionId is different from the one on the dashboard. With the connectionId obtained from the API we can not issue a credential to it with the API. Why is there a mismatch? How can we obtain the Id that is displayed on the dashboard?

Cannot "present" proof_request with "non_revoked" field

Hi, I'm having trouble presenting attributes for proof requests on Trinsic if my proof requests include a "non_revoked" field. Context: I'm sending a proof requests via the latest version of ACA-Py using the "/present-proof/send-request" route, as per the Aries RFC 0037: Present Proof Protocol 1.0. I can view and present attributes for proof requests on Trinsic if they are send without a "non_revoked" field. However, when I add the "non_revoked" field, and click to "present" I am prompted by "Something went wrong" (after about 30 seconds). From what I've read, proof requests of this form (with a "non_revoked" field) are supported by Trinsic through Aries RFC 0037. Am I wrong? Or, alternatively, is there something I am missing about how to carry out these proof requests? Ultimately, I want to make sure that attributes from credentials that have been revoked cannot be used in presentations. Thanks!