v1.5 - 12/13/2020



v1.4 - 6/10/2020

Lots of updates to the Studio, APIs, Wallet, and open source codebases. Click on the link to view the details.


v1.3 - 5/4/2020

  • Updated the onboarding screens in the mobile wallet. Install the latest release to try it out!
  • Added the mediator agent to the Aries MobileAgent Xamarin code base.

v1.2 - 4/13/2020

We've been hard at work (at home!) to bring you some new features and small changes with the Trinsic API. We've made the following changes:


v1.1 - 3/21/2020

  • Note, nothing breaking has been changed. We have only added endpoints and response fields for additional functionality

v1.0 - 2/24/2020

  • We now use only Aries issuance/verification protocol v1.0 and no longer support v0.1 (Aries RFCs 0036/0037)
  • We now support connectionless verification and issuance
  • Various interoperability updates