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The Trinsic CLI

The Trinsic CLI makes it easy to interact with the Trinsic API from your terminal. You can get the CLI on homebrew or build the CLI from source on Github. It contains all the commands of Trinsic's SDKs and makes them interactive.


We use homebrew to distribute the CLI packages for MacOS and Linux. Install Homebrew

Then run these commands to install the Trinsic CLI

brew install trinsic-id/tap/trinsic-cli

The CLI can be installed using Winget

winget install trinsic.okapi
winget install trinsic.cli

The CLI can also be built from source.

This requires the Rustup toolchain installed on your system.

Once installed, run this command in terminal:

cargo +nightly install --git trinsic

To verify that the CLI has been installed successfully, try running:

trinsic --help

Next Steps

Once the CLI is installed, you're ready to start building! We recommend going through the walkthrough next. If you're ready to dive into building your ecosystem, check out our API Reference. For more information about the CLI, read the configuration guide

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