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Typescript SDK

The Trinsic Typescript SDK makes it easy to interact with the Trinsic API from any client-side web, Node.js, or React Native application. You can find the SDKs source on Github. The @trinsic/trinsic package comes with Typescript bindings.


Install the package for Node or Browser from

Supported runtimes

Recent browsers, Node.js (v16+), React Native (including expo) are all supported. A sample react native application is here

npm install @trinsic/trinsic

To import the Trinsic SDK:

import { TrinsicService } from "@trinsic/trinsic";

// instantiate the service without parameters
let trinsic = new TrinsicService();
const walletResponse = await trinsic.wallet().createWallet({ ecosystemId: "<ecosystem_id>" });

// instantiate the service with 'authToken' from the response
trinsic = new TrinsicService({ authToken: walletResponse.authToken });
const infoResponse = await trinsic.wallet().getMyInfo();


You can find all the SDK methods documented here